Danki Aruba! (english)

Danki Aruba!

For me as a musician, having been born on Aruba is a wonderful gift. The colorful mix of many nationalities (currently, 79 different ones are living on Aruba), the geographic situation and the island’s history enable insights into different cultures, languages as well as styles of music. Being so close to South America (and Venezuela nearby), the Latin influence in the music is very strong. I learned my first instrument as a little boy from Venezuelan fishermen – a four-string mini guitar called Cuatro. Beside the popular Latin American music styles Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and many more, there is a very special rhythm and dance on Aruba: Tumba! You have to hear and feel it – best during Carnival time at the Tumba Festival. I love Tumba!

Cover Dushi Ritmo - Wally Warning

Dushi Ritmo – Wally Warning

Of course, there are also many other musical influences. Styles such as Calypso, Reggae, Soca, Zouk and many others are an integral part of Aruba’s musical repertoire.

Every one of the approximately 108.000 inhabitants presently living on the island, will surely find their own favorite among the more than 20 radio stations .

Divi Divi Tree -  illustrationen: claudia sebanyiga

Divi Divi Tree – illustrationen: claudia sebanyiga

Not only Pop and Soul but also Gospel enjoy a high priority in the radio programs.

Almost everybody on Aruba speaks four languages – no matter what education: Dutch, English, Spanish and the Creole language Papiamento.

I am very grateful for this – it has often made things easier for me and naturally influences my music.

This explains why my music is so hard to label.