Wally Warning – ‘E ta guia mi’ tribute (official video)

Happy gooood Day to all of you.
we are very thankful to announce the worldwide release of E TA GUIA MI.

I composed E TA GUIA MI almost 20 years ago and I am sooo happy and thankful that all these wonderful people keep the powerful message alive !

HE leads us!

As of today the song is available in all streaming and download stores for you. spotify, itunes, youtube,.. – you name it.

I wanted to take the time to thank again all this wonderful artists who made it happen:

Angelique Klooster Rocco Franken Shelomi Doran Bakhuis Luigi Cortes oficial Randall Croes Willy R MotivationalsEltienne Yarzagaray

and of course

Producer: Raul Piar

Executive Producer: Glen Penniston

masha danki

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