Whenever Wally Warning, singer, guitarist, bassist and composer is on stage, solo or with his band, the audience is infected by his enthusiasm because they feel that every performance is more than just a gig for Wally.

Wally Warning is not only an enthusiastic wanderer between worlds but creates a world music not bound by any category. The newspaper “Südkurier” calls it “a better world music” in every sense. In the course of many years of travel Wally Warning has developed his own style which distinguishes itself by its authenticity and sincerity. A multicultural crossover that catches the ear.


“Love can save us” is Wally's message. His Christian upbringing has
strongly influenced his life and his music. He is a joyful missionary
crossing borders. A short while ago the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” wrote
“instead of exploiting commercial trends the religious son of a preacher
prefers to compose soft verses about love, faith and hope”.

“In a time of electronic over-saturation I would like to place special emphasis
on the musical craft, to reduce the songs to the essential and to slow down –
less is more”, so Wally Warning from the small Carribean island of Aruba
(Netherlands Antilles).
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